The Disgraced Crooked Former PM, Nawaz Lohaar Has Escaped Pakistan. The Godfather Of Corruption And


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The Godfather of ignorance and degeneracy, Unanimously Convicted Terrorist Nawaz Lohaar of Pakistan has managed to escape the country.

Unfortunately he has left his imbecilic spoiled corrupt immoral daughter for NA 120 voters to deal with her repulsive personality.

It is beyond tragedy for Pakistan to have such a degenerate family who has robbed Pakistani NATION with such ease, without any fear or consequences.

Under what capacity this disgusting women is making political speeches? Acting as defacto CM/PM/? Where is the fraud criminal election commission of Pakistan?

Where is the judiciary? Taking it's sweet time while the country is being destroyed RIGHT front of them?

This rotten family has damaged Pakistan to it's core, was this the Pakistan envisioned by Allama Iqbal?

No clean water, no healthcare, no security, no decent schools for public? While this haram raised Ghushtee Mrs Safdar comes in a fancy car to a poorest constituency NA 120 with the imported criminals throwing rose petals at her?

Where are the lefafa anchor persons of our sold out media?

Instead of throwing rocks at her or burning this witch and her car, which she bought and paid with money stolen from poor Pakistani Awam.

Why are Pakistani allowing a terrorist family from Punjab to rule over them.

Who are responsible for such horrible conditions in Punjab, especially in NA 120?

Shareef Lohaars are the termites of Pakistan, they have eaten the flesh of this country for 40 years, and No one has stopped this termite family.

It is time to clean Pakistan, fumigation is required to stop the termites of Pakistan.

There are three main terrorist RAW funded parties in Pakistan, PMLN, MQM and PPP.

A permanent ban and arrest of their leaders is a must to save Pakistani NATION from internal terrorism.

How long do we as a nation see this clown uneducated agents of Hindustani RAW rule us?

Look at their lifestyles, what do you people see? NA 120 or the stolen wealth of a Pakistani Nation and their palaces of Jati Mujrah?

It is time to seize their stolen wealth from Pakistan and put this tabbar behind bars permanently.

No more Nawaz, no more Zardaree no more Altaf, No more Fazlu, No more Ochukka Zai and no more Asfand.

Rahey Naam ALLAH Ka Our Pakistan Zindabad.
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PML-N voters ne phir bhi unko vote dena hai, Q k unkay buzurgo ne PML-N ko vote diya tah.:)