The banking chaos in China


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The banking chaos in China has continued through all of this year, and now has reached a pivotal moment as the CCP must protect some of the largest ‘assets’ of the World Economic Forum, aka, China’s collapsing banking system.
Some major banks declared savings accounts to be ‘investment products’ and thus not able to be withdrawn which pretty much pissed off everyone.
So now, tanks on the streets, surrounding the banks for safety from their ‘former’ depositors, and now ‘shareholders (with no rights)’.


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West ki kisi news channels par trust nahi.They are total bias and hypocrite..
See any unbias medias for real news and reasons for this unrest in some banks in China...


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total disinformation. its a military convoy coming back from a parade. although there is a banking scam happening in here, but the problem has been solved. western white asses always try to exaggerate anything to label China and Russia as evils, but in reality west is more evil than any other nation.


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this is a fake news.... but i can tell there are laws in UK that allows banks to use account holders money to avoid default. previously govt was paying moneies to banks and was called bail-out package to save the bank.. now the new laws after 2008 allows banks to freeze account holders money and use it for bank payments and it is called bail-in...

dont trust west because it is the biggest liar.. ask people who live there