Tahir Qadri turns Photographer today


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Qadri and Imran r the real heroes in politics because they give people what they don't have before which is political awareness


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Joker, clown , Chameleon , whatever you want to call Qadri. Its your prerogative.

I found him to be a learned, articulate patriotic scholar (It doesn't mean, i endorse his religious views). He is good with his people and they worship him for that.

He is 10 fold better then other Religious scholars and Politicians. I urge him to play his part as a politician in Pakistani Politics (He has firm grip on Pak Constitution and Laws as well).

He is no saint, nor angle but a better man among the common lot.

Abdul Haadi

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They have to do different things just to keep people engaged in lighter mood as well sometimes. These people are real heroes of the country who have left their homes and there for the betterment and future of Pakistan I salute everyone of them including their leaders. I believe Tahir Qadri is much much better than so called mullahs in Pakistan among them one is Fazlu. He is an educated, his people are committed they've always been peaceful except just recently which I believe was reaction of gullu's action. Just like IK he has also never taken anything from the people of country rather has given back in so many platforms.