Tabassum Mughal Our Very Own Cruelle De Vil


Facebooks Pakistani faction was outraged last night when reports of a renowned designer, Tabassum Mughal, and her staff physically assaulting a clients mother surfaced.

[h=2]As told by friends and family of the client, the designer was being unresponsive and rude about ordered dresses worth 8.5 lacs.[/h]​
When the clients mother visited Tabassaums Mughal to collect the bridal dresses, she was told off. Enraged, the mother started yelling at the designer which is when Tabassaum Mughal instructed her manager to beat the woman up, adding People who travel in a rickshaw dont deserve to shop at Tabassum Mughal.
The story was further backed by another customer at Tabassum Mughal who witnessed the whole fiasco as it happened and shared it on Facebook.

[h=2]Pictures of the clients mothers bruises were also shared on Facebook as evidence:[/h]
Tabassum Mughal, the designer, negated these allegations and claimed the clients mother had attacked her sales personnel and was merely thrown out. The official page of Tabassum Mughal also posted that they have footage of what actually happened but wont disclose it as they choose to be better.

[h=2]This is the second time Tabassum Mughal has come into a negative spotlight. She was previously shamed for replicating Dolce & Gabbana designs.[/h]
Calls for a protest were also generated on Facebook as infuriated citizens decided the designers actions warrant more than social media condemnation and boycott.

Source: Facebook
Despite all the rage and posts on Facebook against Tabassum Mughal, it would probably be best to pursue this incident through a legal channel. Why the affected persons wont file an FIR is another question worth answering.
The internet population seldom sees a crime to its punishment and moves on as soon as it finds something more interesting. Were hopeful that people involved in this case will have justice.



MPA (400+ posts)
8.5 Lacks for a wedding dress, wow. I am in US and if I convert that into $s what would be about $8.5K. Allah gave me a very high paying job in US and I can't even imagine to spend this much money on dress. One person can perform Huj in this much money. Wake up people, spend this much money for some good cause. Look around yourself you will find lot of places to spend this money and get real satisfaction.

and about video if she have it post it to close the case.


Councller (250+ posts)
Just a question. What is so special in a dress that cost 8.5 lacs? 1st the mother who ordered this dress should be prosecuted to find out if she pays the tax and if it is HALAL money or Loot Ghasoot.