Syrian Mujahideen captured the Ancient Christian village of Maaloula but have since retreated


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The Muslims fighting in Syria captured the Ancient Christian village of Maaloula but have since retreated. Not because they were cowards but because of something truly inspiring that only Islam teaches...READ WHY

The village of Maaloula is an ancient city with great historical value to the whole world, and specifically the Christian faith. It is the only place in the world where the Western Aramaic language, the same language and dialect of Jesus, is still spoken. The village also holds many beautiful Monasteries and Churches that hold great value to both Muslims and Christians.

After the city was captured by the Muslims, the Assad regime responded by indiscriminately bombing the village and putting its historic sites at risk of destruction. Even though the Muslims fought hard to win the city, they RETREATED from the city out of respect for its historical sites so that the regime's bombing wouldn't destroy them. I can't tell you how many Mosques have been destroyed by the regime in rebel held districts, but they would still refuse to retreat.

Throughout the revolution, many media outlets have been claiming that the Muslim fighters are Islamists who "hate Christianity" and "kill innocent Christians." These supposed "Islamists" gave up their lives to liberate a city, and then withdrew out of respect for its Historical Sites that hold great value to the Christian faith! Now that's RESPECT and NOT hate. We don't fight for territory and land, we fight for the preservation of life and justice.
well the so called "Muslim fighters" are funded and supported by the Americans, so I am pretty sure they are not Islamist. They are just there to disintegrate once a peaceful & powerful Muslim country in the region and KhanHaripur
do u know on who's orders?


I wish for once u think sensibly and get the sectarian garbage out of ur head



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dramay bazi hai, terrorists ne retreat is liye kia keun k ager wo is city mein fasad daltey tou un k supporters US, Uk jin k establishment or government christian faith se influenced hai ko pjir masla hona tha war k huq mein faisla kertay howey keun k backlash bohat strong ho sakta tha awam or important groups ki taraf e/g/ FOX News. jis k baad obama bin ladan ka war k huq mein republicans ko agree kerna mushkil he nai na mumkin ho jana tha. or ajj kal wese b terrorists chatay hein k un k abu ji US un ko or wespons de ta k wo or log wo maar skein is k ilwama Chemical weapons wala drama b tou chal raha hai or is city mein fasad se russia k parla or bhari ho jana tha. overall terrorist ki CIA based leadership war strategy achi ker lete hai.


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You have no shame. What a hard core terrorist. You have a lot of respect for an ancient Christian village, but no respect for mosques, and you have no problem bombing the people who go there. What a creepy business you are in!


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The rebels destroyed shrines of Muslim Shaba and took their bodies!!! Same Islamist rebels used chemical weapons on muslims!!! Same Islamist fighters ate the heart out of the enemy(CNN Video),


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Pretty little village! Those who understand the Qur'an know that Churches and non-Muslim places of worship are to be respected. Unless this ancient Christian community has harmed the Muslim's we have no quarrel with them. Eastern Christians are not responsible for the sins of NATO and the USA.
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To jb ye city capture kr rahay thay to kya wahan koi fight koi distructuin koi banda nai tha?
Tu jb syrian army nay counter attack kiya to hi destruction killing hoi?

Kya ye khula tazzad nai hai


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Modern mujahideen (my foot) on the pay roll of israel,usa, france and muslim zionists states of ksa and qatar.fighting for their cause.
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