Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid On Sach TV:: Solution for the Political Crisis


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We all are seeing these days that Mr. Zaid Hamid is actively posting tweets on his twitter account regarding current situation of Pakistan. I have great respect for him, but I highly doubt that the stakeholders will be paying attention to his tweets.

But, more important questions is, that he always fantasized revolution and new Pakistan. Today is the time. Where is he ? Why he is not physically present on the ground with TUQ or IK ?


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Mere bhai Model Town mei Qatal o Garat be ISI ne he kerwaya tha ???
You have seen that kind of stupid drama in history of Pakisstan - Only stupid people who enter in Agencies they can do. They know if the people of Pakistan developed their space get shrink. This time no country law apply on them, they are working for their people like wild animal.