Story of the "Stalled" PTI Special Forensic Audit


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i will support Audit and belive IK will do it becasue he has past of doing such thing..... he will not ruin himself ... I trust IK

I trust IK :)

What type of a background music is this? Looks like a horror movie :P

i never knew that azab baloch is so much concerned about the only clean Party in in pakistan which is PTI. the guy in another thread said he has no objection what taliban are doing and that baluchis are fighting for independence because pk is 64 years old and baluchis are 5000 years :P


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I cannot watch whatever this is even I can watch it I ll not if it is against ik or pti .
He had been wrong many times (bycot of 08 election under the influence of Hamid khan by cot of by election between 08 to
13wwhich were meant to give net practice to pti how to function election day it was ik fault so prolonged membership election process was ik fault and some issues damaged party.

However it were ik decisions which change pti to national party (Lahore Karachi Peshawar and Quetta jalsa long march)

as a human being he will keep doing the same things (making good decisions and bad decisions )
He can be wrong but never be corrupt never be dishonest.
Does not matter what world says will love to keep supporting him with every thing


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The thread starter has a valid point. PTI, the party we all love, should have a sound audit frequently. We do not want PTI to become a banana republic. Please if someone has a say in PTI CEC, this issue is very vital and should be highlighted as much as possible. We cannot afford crooks in PTI. We want PTI to become an organization that has a dignity.
Bulshit! Azad Baloch has anti Pakistan feelings which he has expressed himself before. Ik is the only leader who can turn sheeps living in Pakistan into a Nation... So every traitor is after PTI...


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bloody defeatist...........khud tto umeed nahi , Pakistani jawanoan ki ummeedain bhi khutum kerna chahta hai
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