Still no FIR in ANP MNA oppression case.



I am surprised by the lack of response from the media about the incident that happened just about a week ago on january 2nd 2013 in Mardan. The current ANP MNA from NA 9 hired about 15 gunmen and broke down the boundry wall of his neighbor and relatives by force and when confronted about what they were doing, His men started firing on the house of his relative neighbor ( baghdada House ).

I tried to read up on the incident but couldn't find anything so decided to write about the wreck less behavior and misuse of authority of our current ANP MNA NA 9 Mr. Himayat Mayar by pressurizing the local police authority and the media by not even letting the oppressed family file the FIR at the police station and by not letting news in the local media about the incident by using his political standing. Mr. Mayar took the law in this own hands instead of going to the court and used his government powers to manipulate the system for his own benefit. I strongly condemn his action and demand the FIR to be filled right aways so that the matter can be solved in the court legal system instead of anyone's vicious behavior.
My condolences are with the well respected oppressed family who are still fighting for their basic right I hope they keep getting strength from their family and friends and well wishers. I encourage all the brave fellow pakistanis to standup against this oppression of our so called leader and to help show his real face to the nation and to make end to this perverse, malicious and vicious behavior.
I would love to share some pictures here about the incident if some one can show me how to upload them here. I tried but could find the upload button.

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فیس بک پر لوڈ کر کے رائٹ کلک کر کے امیج کاپی کر کے رپلائی میں پیسٹ کر دیں


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Because We don't have any more police Officers like

ABID ALI in Mardan.. Who taught him a lesson in past when he was a Town Nazim..

This man is a Big Time Badmash and Lawyer as well .. and purana Papi..

So bro.. please make a MAKE a facebook page and share here.. we will try to spread inshallah