Steps to build a positive personality.


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Steps to build a positive personality.

1. Accept responsibility.
2. Concentration
3. Think win/win
4. Choose your work carefully
5. Do not criticize and complain
6. Smile and be kind
7. Put positive interpretation on other peoples behavior
8. Be good listener
9. Be enthusiastic
10. Give honest and sincere appreciation.
11. When we make a mistake, we should accept it, willingly and immediately.
12. When the other person realize and admit that he has made a mistake, congratulate him & give him a way out to save face.
13. Discussion but dont argue.
14. Dont gossip
15. Turn promises into commitment.
16. Be grateful but dont expect gratitude.
17. Be dependable and practice loyalty.
18. Avoid awareness grudges.
19. Forgive and forget.
20. Practice honesty, integrity & sincerity.
21. Practice humility.
22. Be understanding and caring.
23. Practice courtesy on a daily basis.
24. Develop a sense of humor.
25. Dont be sarcastic and put others down.
26. To a friend be a friend.
27. Show empathy


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try this way first.

Start with TUBA.


Ask to ALLAH for all type of help you need or to be needed.

Then have wish,

struggle for it,

and have always full of hope from Allah.

plus keep sha’he’sta saber.

NOW you are a 100% positive person from inside as well as outside of your body. Thanks.