Status of women in India worse than in 18th century: Modi


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I read that BUT what about the 3 million Indian girls dead just from infanticide not to mention satti, dev dasi, rape, dowry ..thats probably in the tens of millions ....what about them ??(bigsmile)

India is currently the worse place to be born a woman because of gender inequality. This is a UN proven fact ....just google it and even Rape is a national crises ...what else is MODI blabbering about ??

why would your media lie ?

why would a hardline leader like modi praise the Mughal Muslim rule in terms of woman well being ?? :lol:

Dude, please talk sense ....we are trying to save lives here BUT you are somehow trying to win a lost argument (bigsmile)

Again in denial mode.

Woh to, ek mohelle ki baat karte hain ? If you add up all mohallas in Pakistan ???????