State Terrorism instigate Non-State Terrorism


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Terrorism of all sorts are ondemened by the nation of Pakistan. The people of this country are very peace loving. We do not appreciate any sort of violence on our soil! We cant really differentiate types of terrorism. I think killing of anyone innocent should be condemned.

Ammar isb

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As a nation we need to counter terrorism in all its manifestations, as this war is not just limited to militancy for the closet Taliban are always trying to spread misinformation in disguise of patriotism. So lets just lay down some ground rules
i) Anyone who thinks s that end goal of Taliban is right is not PATRIOTIC.
ii) For those who disagree with their methods and endorse their ideology are wrong neither of the two are in Pakistans interest.
iii) Those who do not think that this war, have no right to suggest any remedies for it!