South Africa also gets out of the World Cup but how come their Fans hardly react?

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Just a thought

We see South Africa, England getting kicked out of the tournaments all the times But we never hear their fans moaning and crying like us Pakistanis do. Why?

Why the English made Sport is the biggest thing after Religion in Pakistan?

I would like to hear what you have to say
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Try to find the criticism of English media and public when England was thrown out of Fifa Football WorldCup ...
انگلینڈ والے ایسے رو رہے تھے جیسی یتیم ہو گئے ہوں


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Loads of time at our disposal, eternal bitterness in our hearts mostly propagated by whats happening around us both on Gov and private level. The fact that the current team isn't a close render of the talent pool in our country. But most importantly it gives them an outlet to dish out their frustrations.
What can i say? South Africans gave it their all, their people know that, they know that and the cricketing fraternity knows that. We were playing a bunch of imbeciles under the administration of imbeciles.


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PK fans adore there heroes more and due to this they expect more, PK has constantly been losing for so many years, people are getting sick and tired of it, they put there hopes up time and time again and at the end dissapointment. But inshAllah the glory days will come back.


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If you die trying, people respect you, and dont fret too much over the loss.
But if you die without a fight, naturally you will have people raising a hue and cry.

South Africa is a team that has always fought till the last ball. They have been called chokers, becuase they have never won a major tournament, but noone can say anything about their commitment to the game and the team.


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Our guys don't give a good fight. They give up when loss is eminent. If a team fights and still loses, nobody blames them. Infact you feel proud that your guys fought hard.


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O yaar apni team to pichle 5 saal se haar rhi hai. Maroo litter inko.

Not 5 years but 3 years.



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Being Pakistani very sad due to early exit of Pakistani team but keep in mind in our country, a proven criminals were President, PMs and they put their slaves on on key posts and we have no problem but we want criminals select team on pure merit.
The selectors worth is not more than Rs600,000 to select anyone so if a person can sell so cheap how to get a talented team?
اصل میں ھمارے لوگ یہ سمجھتے ہی نہیں کہ ہماری ٹیم میں کوئی کوہلی -ھاشم آملہ- ڈی ویلیئر- ڈو پلیسی - دھونی - سمتھ- وارنر- گیل نہیں ہے- پھر بھی ہم کہتے ہیں کہ ھم ہارتے کیوں ہیں