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Well todays Air Plane Crash may just be another accident in history of Plane crashes May ALlah forgive all of those who passed away.

My question is somewhat different.

Read and think

Rain is baais e rehmat but when it rains in pakistan people die with rain fall , accidents, electric shocks.

Sun is among the best blessings of Allah but when we get it we die with heat

We are at the prime location of being best agricultural country but we are short of food and die in stampedes to get food.

Islam is the religion of peace and we kill each other in name of islam.

We elect people to serve us and they treat us like animals.

why is everything turning other way around for us ?

What is causing this curse / bad luck ? if any

how to get rid of that curse ? if any


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poorii Qom ko toba kerni chahyeh...this is the only cure that will be first step and later lead us to success.

Dr Who

Before you label me as another Indian....

Na Samjho Ge Tau Mit Jaye Gi Tumhari Dastaan Bhi Dastaano Mein


Just always be optimist and be patient.And when you feel sorrow due to hard luck and bad omens then ponder over your prayers and levels of patience to bear and face your trial.

As in Sura'h Baqra, ALLAH RABBUL IZZAT says, "Ask help with patience and prayer".

I think,which things are lacking in our nation,among them patience is on top.

We don't accept our shortcomings, rather we rationalize and often easily undergo depression.

In my opinion, don't accept always the things which are seems to be in usual manner,rather think through different angles and

wait for a while with patience before making pessimistic opinions.


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We are getting punished for our actions and interactions with people around us. I might be very wrong but I have grown my faith believing in that Allah has nothing to do a lot with our religious rituals. No matter how many times I bow my head to Allah, it won't make any difference to His greatness or I if go rebellious and never bow my head to Him, either it won't down His greatness. Though having faith in him and not bowing my head to HIM will for sure bring adversities to me in after life. However according to my belief the collective suffering of nation today is because of our attitude and interactions with the people around us in our everyday life.
If you go out on an 8 hours trip to a middle of any city, I assure you are coming back finding all the possible humanly sins existing on the earth. You will find people swearing at each other for no reason. Teri maan, teri behan. You will find people using Allah and Rasool’s names for hiding their lies and deceiving each other. You will find people slaughtering each for proving that he is a better Muslim than him. You will find attitude of dejection towards poor. You will find proudness in eyes of a person wearing good clothes. Water in milk, home made jaali medicines, blood in black tea, dead animal’s fat being sold for oil, hoarding of food, mistreatment of each other, theft, brutality and what not you will find in just few hours. Allah will forgive anything but not this sort of character towards another human. Human is a creation of Allah. No matter how rebellious I get to his rights, He will still love me for HE has made me. He is my sole creator. But He will never want to see another human hurting me in anyway. And HE has clearly mentioned not to harm another human. Unfortunately, our society is THE name of it. Hence, every rehmat from Allah is turning into a zihmat for us.
Ramadan is on its way. A month of blessings. I will go, pray five times a day and will fast. Though I will sell my sugar to you on 200% high interest than regular because it’s Ramadan, you have to buy it and I have to loot you.
Long beards, sir phar toppi, forhead phar sajday ka nishan...there he comes and blast himself in middle of women and children. Then you expect Allah to be nice with that society. Day dreams.
You have to love each other, respect each other not for who we are but for we have been made by ALLAH.
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I just want to say yeh sab hamarey aamal ki saza mil rahi hay because we left our Islam hum sub sirf naam key musalman reh gaye hain. Quran paro to samajh aajaye gi sub ko key yeh sub kion ho raha hay.


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poorii Qom ko toba kerni chahyeh...this is the only cure that will be first step and later lead us to success.

Allah Tallah ko jin Qoumon ko saza deni hoti hay, un per badtareen Hukumran rayij kerdiay jatay hain .

Kuch to ghalti hay hum sab main. kay Asif Zardari jaisay log hukomat ker rahay hain.

Ek sab say bara reason jo mujhay nazar ata hay woh Mayosi ka hay factor hay.
Mayosi KUFUR hay, or humari qoum main Mayosi bahut hay.
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