Son-in-law of Important member of ECP has been given important post by PML-N:- Dr.Danish


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Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
دھرتی ہوتی ہے ماں اور یہ حرام کے جنے اپنی بھوک اور خواہشات کو پورا کرنے کے لیے
اپنی دھرتی یعنی ماں سے ہمبستری کرنے سے دریغ نہیں کرتے

ٹولہ حرامزدگان


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Nawaz noora was imposed on poor people of Pakistan by Gen Zia.Noora league is full of hypocrites.It doesn't regard Gen Zia a dictator because he is the mentor of noora.Musharaf on the other hand is a dictator because he stopped noora to become an absolute monarch.Noora started corruption in Pakistan on a massive scale.The police,judiciary,ECP and civil service are under control or noora and his lackeys.It will be very hard to get rid of noora family unless the army takes over.


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Anybody even know the opposition leader of pti in punjab exists anywhere ?

Because his brother had been posted at the most lucrative job in punjab to make maximum money and then mamood will help ss in the formation nigran setup

Look how far they think way ahead pt I