Sochta Pakistan - 9 June 2012 - Ansar Abbasi, Rauf Klasra & Arshads Sharif - Malik Riaz vs Supreme C


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Pirzanada I dont like you for just joing the Governemnt. YOu are one of the credible person. Anyway thanks for providing excellent program.
Arshad Sharif always against CJ and jmup in favour of Madari,Gillani, Reman Malik (Joker) and Gilliani's Sons (Sanp ki Aulad)


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Arshad Shareef Nalaiq ki rozi roti lagi hui hai Multani Faqeer ke ghar ..and I am amazed he is bureau chief of Dunya TV..Look at his credentials[hilar]


Islamic republic of pakistan where politicians,Generals,few media owners and Anchors all sold out.God help poor people.

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It is no crime or wrong in any way if the journalists smell something wrong or suspicious and they report it to the media.
It is not honest if a person keeps tabs on one person and then calls very credible people and declares to them he is being targeted or being black mailed and then states that they are his private conversations. Private conversations are held with private people.
There should be no compromise on this issue, it should be taken to logical conclusion.

It is to be recognized that Arsalan Iftikhar has one very serious contact and that is the CJ of supreme court and he is responsible for the execution of justice and it is extremely important that his name and connections be cleared so that he can do his job without any confusions.

It is imperative that first things should be dealt first, and by that I mean that first of all Malik Riaz and Arsalan Iftikhar's role should be cleared and then the trail should be followed all the way to the end.

Father of the culprit has nothing to do with this and it is not his responsibility.