Sochta Pakistan - 25th June, 2011 - Military and Media .. ? Moeed Pirzada with Maj Gen Athar Abbas D

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A few things which the General probably could not say openly in my opinion are:
Army is in those areas as per the orders of the Political government, and the reason Army get not disengage from those areas is not because it does not want to but because there is no civilian institutes to take over the work of doing the development and peace keeping and the Great Democratic government of Pakistan is failing to provide even the start of such institution. Why? Go figure!


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Thanks Moeed,It was really nice to know that the development projects are going on in the tribal areas which should have been discussed in the talk shows but never did. I am glad General Athar Abbas gave the same version of ideas which i was telling for some time that why US dont use the drones in afghanistan when haqqani Networks people go there and fight with them or seal the border with their and nato forces. How can pakistan seal such a long border ? Second pak army is already stretched to its limit and their men are being killed every day in fighting. Unfortunately security agencies did few things which people did't like it including myself and wrote a column against them because i was upset but now things have clamed and there is realization of unity between people and army establishment. I know army got the message and mistakes wont be repeated and they also need our support .I would just say to NS and his party now that just calm down ,internal and external investigations are being done ,no need to cry loud.we are behind our army establishment all the way, just be careful from the cunning americans who put our nation in such a bad mess .Americans have lost the war in afghanistan but dont admit because they are called the strongest nation on earth, getting kick on their *** from those people who have nothing to fight except an ordinary rifle and their belief . I am upset because US have destroyed the peace and economy in my country.There is saying if someone spoil the peace of anyone ,God will spoil his peace.No wonder US is crying all over and looking the way out with respect ? By the way this is a slap on their faces who called me " american agent ".
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