Sirf Sach 20th August 2011


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sardar Aziz jaan is a lier he forgat that Rehman Duket was wanted by police and he was with Zulfiqar Mirza in mant pictures .
Mubashar Luqman showed on Tv in his show Point blank.
sardar Aziz says there were tow groups one haji Laloo and second was
Reham same Rehman who was with Zulfiqar Mirza.
Now this Guy is showing himself so innocent no they are all nasty *** criminals. When Mirza Zulfiqar was meeting with cirminals in jail indeed he was asking their help to upset Karachi.
they kill MQM workers in Katti Pahari three days what the **** was that why the PPP and ANP Leadership was happy and
waited three days to order police for action and after three days when they order it was peace in half an hour. Now these assols are crying that was the time to cry . Now you have cold feet . i am from punjab but i have learnd that if you declare a community " urdu speaking Nation " and you want press them that will be like steel spring you press more it became more strong.
I am in pain for the innocent people are killed in Karachi.
Political monkeys are playing game.
army should take over and in presence local body election and police under those elected representitives and then depolticise police and then army pull out.
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