Shehbaz Sharif Singing Happy birthday to you and I Love You in Bahawalnagar Jalsa


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نواز شریف اور مریم نواز یہ دیکھ کر آگ بھگولا ہو جاۓ گے اور بولے گے کہ ہم جیل میں چکیاں پیسے گے اور یہ اس خوشی میں گانے گنگنا رہا ہے


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This era, year 2018, Nawaz Family, PML"N" and exposure of their frauds, their scandals, definitely ALLAH is the only director of this drama and I believe this is all for people to learn from this. May ALLAH keep everyone safe and give us hidayat to remember we have to die, so be in boundaries given by ALLAH. It is sad and fearful to see these millionaires, most resourceful, most powerful and the brutally dictating people act like Shahbaz is acting or Nawaz, his daughter is acting, and this all is still for money and further power, I feel sorry to see a group not ready to accept any hidayat and insisting that money and power is every thing, at the same time I am very happy and Thankful to ALLAH, that Inhsallah , PML"N", Nawaz and many like him are over there time limit is expired and now it is the time to pay for what they have done, now it is the time to remember, “what goes around that comes around". This family Sharif, his associates/loyal have a trust that it is just this world and monetary wealth is everything, they have lied, and they know in their hearts they are wrong but will not accept. This man looks he is mentally finished, look at the song choice even this song doesn't fit for the occasion, but he is singing and his advisers around him are smiling but not dare telling him that you sound idiot please stop. May ALLAH protect everyone from falling into the blind love of this world….ameen.