Shameless Pakistani Politicians Fights Live on TV


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bhai ye sirf Paksitan main nahi hota ,un Democracy main bhi hota hay, jis ki Masal Qadri sahib Hamesha detay hain.

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khan afghan1

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should we expect from them to stand up for the cause
of nation.Can they stand up for pakistan on international level.
Can they say no to USA<UK or any other country when it comes
to national security and Sovereignty.what culture they represent.
thats why as nation we have no respect in outside world.



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Vese aurat jab apni sharm eik jagah rakh de to usko koi jawab nahi de sakta.

We should see them drinking together, they are all brothers at that time.


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If things don't change and fast, then these scenes will happen outside the studio and on the streets between party workers, and that's called CIVIL WAR!!!


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Corrup political , mmonopolistics & anti-people electoral system will result corrupt politicians and looters......................