Shahbaz Sharif speech in National Assembly after Asif Ali Zardari Arrest | 10 June 2019


Senator (1k+ posts)
Mein in ko Sarkon per ghaseetoun ga.. said the person who was considered the best among paki politicians. Their public face fell off. This is the real face of NS, SS and Asif Zardari. I mean imagine how bad these people are. They can hug and kiss satan for their own gains. I am ashamed to be a Pakistani. I hate you more than any thing in this world. You are a low life piece of animal refuse.


Prime Minister (20k+ posts)
LOLZZZZ Pehlay maafi maango qoum say k tum logo ne 40 saal tak Alama Zardari aur Benazir k khilaf jhooot bol bol kar Awaam say vote liye..


Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
The production orders to bring them in assembly were given for all of these criminals till it was expected they will start behaving like humans, but it is now guaranteed that they will never behave human as they are not humans, they are just criminals. So now it is still the production order but for JAIL. Well done Pakistan, Pakistanis are proud of the government and it's judiciary system that started showing some satisfactory move against corruption.