Shabhaz Sharif got angry on PML N Workers -- Watch video


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What a shame. Poor suffer while political dynasties live in castle like sprawling houses, groom 'Prince' to take over dynasty, and collect big salary, perks, police protection, and travel around the world like kings. May Almighty help Pakistanis get rid of this VIP culture, and bless Pakistanis with sincere politicians capable of serving the nature, instead of serving themselves and family or friends.


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Its a GEO level NEWS Perhaps a little more than their Level, As they even show a small angry Gesture as a News if that Gesture is from IK towards someone else(like he did towards Gehangir Tareen few days ago and GEO proudly showed the news).:)

SO GEO its an opportunity for you, SHOW it whole day on your Channel.:)


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hate these people who voted for these idiots and also listening to them shame on you ghulam pakistanis


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پٹواری اب نعروں سے ڈرتے ہیں کہیں نعرے شروح ہو گے تو ایک آدھ ان کے حق میں ہو گا تو باقی گو نواز گو نہ ہو جائے
اس لئے بہتر ہے نہ ہی نعرے لگواؤ


sshahid - Blogger
They are trying to not show that the people gathered are not actually the flood affected people but the supporters of noon league, and these guys are exposing them by chanting slogans. That's why he's getting angry.


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Mulke ko daboo ker ab keray kay logoun say naray lagwatay hai .. lannet in nooras per ...

Ibtatahay isheeq hai rota hai keya agay agay dekeyah hota hai keya ...

Nawaz Family and Zardari family days are numberd jee ... Go Nawaz Go ... Nawaz Kuttaaa Hay Hay
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