Several PMLN MNA's Insulted Pak Army Soldiers at Parliament stationed to PROTECT THEM - ARY


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Re: Several PMLN MNA's Insulted and abused Soldiers at Parliament stationed to PROTECT THEM

who is trying to bring Army into politics...
1. who alleged army for attack on hamid mir?? and who favored that allegation??
2. on operation zarb a azb briefing, what was the need to discuss political issues when it was a pure defence side meeting..
3. on record, who asked army to facilitate in political deadlock..
4. now who is blaming armed forces to be script writer??
can any supporter of democracy ans all this...


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اصل شيروں کى غير موجودگى ميں جنگلى کتے بہت بھونکا کرتے ہيں جس دن پاک فوج کا اصل شير تمھارے سامنے آئے گا تم لوگ ايسے سکتے ميں آجاؤ گے کہ ياد رکھو گے