See how Sachin Tendulkar lbw decision was reverted.

M javed

Hamare criket ko aahni haathoon se drust karne ki zaroorat hay.

Aaj anda chori kya hay kal ko murghi chori kare ga.

Yeh baat ghalat na ho gi aggar isse saare mulk per laagu kya jaye.

Corruption aur sode baazi ko jar se nikal bahir kerna ho ga.
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tendulkar could be one reason . but the main reason for Pakistan defeat is Pakistan's own batting performance


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well if you see at 40th second the ball hit the bat first and then pat and that's where the ball changed the traveling path on the right side !!!!!!!!!!


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When the parameters were entered to see the trajactory of the ball, some measurement was entered dishonestly.

I don't believe in conspiracy theories but technically it should be possible to change the projected direction of the ball to achieve required results.
If it was Australian team in our position in the final, they would have taken the delivery and have it reviewed in their own system.


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sachan is the best brand india has ever produced & india is marketing & selling very well this brand,throughout da wc media's behaviour showed that wc was only been played for sachan(his benefit matchs).in western media india is big brand now a days,ICC NEED MONEY & INDIA IS PROVIDING WID BOTH HANDS,so why should'nt they get the benefits?i still cant understand why sachan was declared man of da match in semi?its not always necessary the mom should be given from winning side.that was wahab of course.


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Yes it was just this LBW decision that changed the match.
The 5 dropped catches had no impact. Neither did the throwing away of wickets by Asad and that other new guy.


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The last footage which shows the moving outside leg was unbeleivable. I think here they changed something like pasting some tota and then showing at the media.

It might be a pre arranged clip if needed


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Of-course ICC was involved in the whole drama..........It is not new they have written the script for India's winning the world cup as it is a script for Star Plus Drama


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bhai tendulkar ne to buht koshish ki out honay ki par hamari team ne kasam uthaee hoi thi k catch nahi pakarna ball garam hay.. i dont think so this is the only reason.. well mitti pao yaar hun ki ho sakda hay ..


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ICC has transformed into an Indian circus. it is no more neutral and will only offer bias and disgrace for Pakistan in future.
The sooner the better, Pakistan must quit ICC. there is no second option.


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Some people see a conspiracy in anything that moves!. Despite this decision and all the dropped catches we still should easily have chased down the 260 required for victory unless we lost on purpis!

Can't completely dismiss that there could be a political angle but far greater are the chances that on the day the Indians were a better batting and fielding unit then us.


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well if you see at 40th second the ball hit the bat first and then pat and that's where the ball changed the traveling path on the right side !!!!!!!!!!

hahaha people like you make me laugh why did tendulkar asked non striker if he (non striker) had any doubt so the can refer it and i m sure tendulkar played soo many matches he'll go straight away to 3rd umpire without asking non striker.


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I agreed with you and thought same way however it was FIXED match,

if you out INDIA to 00 run then Pakistan team will all out -1


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this is definitely pre-defined stuff. May be tendulkar was also informed to go for referal even if he is given out plumb LBW. watch the last few seconds clip and see how the empire shoke his head.

now imagine this life would have been given to Pakistani player and he had made 85 winning score and what would have had happened up until now.... :)

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aleem daar hushyaar iss umpire ka dicision jistara revert hua kal ko tumhara bhi ho sakhta hai dhokhey daar 3rd umpireoo se bach k raho
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