Secret Meeting between Nawaz Sharif and Malik Riaz *** Chori Nisar try to lied but Exposed


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Kashif Abbasi asked this Q on Jun 6th and talking about the meeting between Nawaz Sharif and Malik Riaz.
First Chori Nisar try to lied but quickly realized that Kashif met Riaz Malik and of course know the truth, then quickly tried to cover up which is totally exposed as he clearly denied it first and saying that the meeting held last year. *** DO THEY REALLY THINK, THEY CAN STILL FOOL US ***

And this secret meeting held just couple of days before the PTI Rawalpindi Jalsa. After that PMLN started the campaign that Malik Riaz funded PTI Pindi Jalsa. I am gathering some information of this PMLN propaganda and soon expose it here. mean while enjoy the video.. [hilar][hilar][hilar]



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N league did not utter a single word against Malik Riaz --- only doing lip service ---- that we support CJ (woh bhi ooper ooper say)



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Re: Ch. Nisar exposed Noora's meetings with Thakadaar

Didn't Riaz Malik's daughter ask her father in that infamous interview to tell the world that MR does business with Hamza and Salman Shahbaz and the thaykaydaar asked her to be quiet because they were being recorded.

People have short memory.
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