School of Investigation In KPK Police

Saad Saadi

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Achievements of KP police in such a short time are more than enough to make us proud, alot more needs to be done but we can still walk with our heads held high.

Thank you IGP sahab for your dedication and hard work.

Thank you KP Govt for not interfering in policing matters and giving them free hand to serve the nation
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I am so proud of KPk police, My parents belong to the chitral and we moved out from chitral 45 something years ago and all siblings born out side KPK but i would like to go back to chitral one day and also like to see these types of police stations and investigations centers in all over KPK:)
Long live IK and long live PKP goverment and police well done Nasir Durrani

such bolo

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امید ہے تصویروں کی طرح کارکردگی بھی خوبصورت ہوگی

تصویروں سے دل ہمارا نہیں...ن لیگیوں کا بہلتا ہے


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Kpk govt ko qanoon bhi banay chahiye taqe ager koi dosri govt ati hai.tu dobara sary adaroon ki tubahi na macha dy.


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This is step in right direction and a strong foundation is being built, it will bear the fruit if God wishes.


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Steps towards making a nation. Progress will come itself when institutions starts working its duty properly. I must say that it will take time but seeing how it will benefit the nation, it is worth the time..Because even after 30 years if the CM has to take Sou Moto of basic issues than the police then it means the direction in all those 30 years was wrong..
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