Sayasat Hai Ya Saazish - 15th July 2015 - Obama Lobby Ki Iran Johari Muhaide Per Tanqeed


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Pakistani FIRs are as good a tissue papers used by the corrupt elite ,only the poor defensless can't use them as tissue papers in the absence of water. The king also uses them as facial tissue ,that is why the smell of death is surrounding them, the poor victims can smell them but can't find closure.
Mian Saab the Iranian window is now open, start looking through it and try to see how the door can be opened to welcome new prosperity into Pakistan ,THE KEY TO THIS DOOR IS IN YOUR HAND, YOU HAVE BEEN TRYING TO OPEN THE WRONG DOOR FOR DECADES,NOT REALISING THAT THEINDIAN DOOR KEY IS IN THE HANDS OF THE HINDHUS AND THEY HAVE " THROWN THE KEY AWAY WHEN THEY USED IT TO OPEN THE EAST PAKISTAN DOOR." The rest is history they opened the East Pakistan door and we lost half of Pakistan..
Wake up you are knocking on the wrong door
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