Sawal Yeh Hai - 4th june 2010 - Budget


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There is no political will in this govt to do any thing for the country only giving verbal and fictious figures are not gonna solve the problem.I have said before and say it again PM is not the real chief executive but the" core committee" of PPP is giving all the instructions and those instructions are against the national interest.Zardari is a traitor and it will be proved with the time,he have destroyed the backbone of the economy with his stupid and unpatriotic policies.No project in the country has been started in two and a half years,unemployment is rampant,no electricity,gas and water.All the industries are closing their doors and the govt gives the wrong figures just to fool the public.Why PM did't cut down the ministers,their expenses,PM and president house .why not control the corruption and sell the bullet proof cars which nation cannot afford, look in india, their life style and compare that with pakistan. Why the govt dont levy taxes on agriculture but they will not because all the feudals are in the PPP and PML-N. Expand the base of taxes and collect the taxes honestly whereas govt can collect at least another 700 to 800 billion rupees easily.Country need the sacrifice and political will which this govt dont have it,how someone can complain when no one in govt is listening.No wonder people say ,OK lets have a revolution and it will be there very soon if this corrupt,dishonest,unpatriotic govt dont listen? Bunch of crooks have got together ,wasting nation's time and money.
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