Sawal Yeh Hai - 21st August 2011 - Mushahid Ullah Khan, Saleem Bukhari


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Manzoor wasaan jesa insaan ki roop mean aik janwar ha;ppp;mqm or anp sab aik sey aik bar kar haaaaaaaaaaaarami hain.


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Thanks dr.danish, I fully agree with mr.salim bhukhari but those two chutias, fakhar zaman and mushahid ullah khan, doing nothing more than barking. Fakhar zaman's version of ranger's punishment, I totally disagree with him, he does't know what the hell he is talking about. Just imagine since the verdict of ranger's case announced,the rangers stopped taking any action and are very upset.It is likely ,the army is also upset over the ranger's verdict ,according to my information, so who is paying the price -the innocents of karachi .Courts should be not that harsh on just one incident whereas sarfraz shah was trying to rob the person but got caught. I will agree with you that no terrorist is hanged or prisoned.our system demoralised the rangers who supposed to give safety and security to the people but are scared to do so from our courts.why our judiciary dont declare this corrupt govt null and void who is elected on bogus votes and degrees, also not able to provide the security to its people .It does hurt me very much when I see the ladies ,childrens and old people crying who lost their loved ones in karachi, I can't watch the news.The main question is who is gonna bring the safety and security in karachi and other areas.Mushahid said army refused to fire on people in 1977 procession. He does't know the difference between a procession and target killings ,such a stupid person.why his party dont come on the street to protest whats going on in karachi . Army is fighting in Fata area with talibans who are also killing our pakistani brothers and sisters, so why not army do the surgical strike in problem areas and wipe them out in karachi . How Mushahid can say if army is failed ? 4 to 5 thousands can defeat the army of 5 lakh ? There is no doubt MQM ,ANP and PPP is directly involved in this killings, dont want the army to intervene then who is there to solve this problem. This govt have to go to bring normalcy otherwise situation will get worse day by day because this govt is not gonna stop their influence in the police and matter will remain like this for ever unless army gets involved ,deweaponisation with one week dead line.Bring all the 3 parties on the table and give them warning if any one from their party is caught ,they will be held responsible.Army take charge but stay at the back for moral support, bring police but de-politicised ,rangers and FC to start the operation. Within 3 to 4 weeks all the devils from these parties will be killed or apprehended-GUARANTEED!
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kisi ....... key bache apney baap jo karachi ko own kertey hai MQM ANP ka nam letey hoi maa merti hai ...........
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