Saudi Grand Mufti Warns Against Sectarian Strife in Middle East... ???????


Grand mufti warned against sectarian strife in the Middle East and called for “peace and stability” among Muslims, the official Saudi Press Agency said.(yapping)

“All must pay attention to the schemes planned for our region with the aim of stirring sectarian differences,” Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Abdullah al-Sheikh was cited as saying by the Riyadh-based news service(yapping). These “exhaust the capabilities of countries and their resources for the benefit of the enemy,” it reported him as saying.

Saudi Arabia, the Arab world’s biggest economy, sent troops in March across a causeway connecting it with Bahrain to help crush mainly Shiite protests for democracy and civil rights. The Gulf Cooperation Council on May 10 expressed “deep concern over Iran’s continuous interference in the internal affairs” of GCC countries.

Clashes between Christians and Muslims in the Egyptian capital of Cairo left 12 people dead and another 232 injured this month, Justice Minister Mohamed El-Gendy told reporters in Cairo on May 8. Christians make up an estimated 10 percent of Egypt’s population.

“We are keen that Muslims unite and share the same voice,” al-Sheikh was cited as saying by the news service.


Is this not strange..... Two countries that Fan and finance Sectarian strife, one being Saudi Arabia the Other Iran... both seem to officially never confess to there Self Centered Sectarian doings.

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