Sartaj Aziz officially announces postponement of Chinese President Pakistan Visit


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نوروں نے سوچا یہ 'سرتاج عزیز' چائنیز کی طرح دکھتا ہے ...اسے دیکھ کر چائنیز شاید آ جائیں اور کچھ اور بزنس بڑھ جائے نورے کا ....

مگر ساری امیدوں پر پانی پڑ گیا

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It is possible that PML-N do not gave security clearance so they can do political point scoring and chinese has no option but to postpone the visit.

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In other news,

[FONT=arial !important]Beijing: Downplaying reports of cancellation of Chinese President Xi Jinping's maiden Pakistan visit, China Friday said the trip was never officially announced.[/FONT]
[FONT=arial !important]"We have never officially released any information about Xi's visit to Pakistan. Therefore there is no ground for you to say that we have cancelled the trip," Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang told a media briefing here.[/FONT]