Sarfaraz LBW was a strange one, all 3 stumps were visible


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thats becz the camera angle they showed is from off side and its logical that u will c more stumps in that ... a straight camera will tell the best ... if u c the same from leg side angle u will think his whole body was covering the stumps :)

it was close but fair call


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Some time mujhay feel hota ha ke ye DR use karnay walay
bik jayain tu kia nahi ho sakta...bowler ka paoo thora sa
line ke agay dikhany ke lia..sirf thori si chalaki chahay..aur
leg ya off stump ko halka sa touch karnay ke lia..thora
in or out karna parta koi independent
kisi out ya not out ko verify kar sakta ha DR ke through??


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After pitching, the ball clearly changes its direction and moves to the leg side, even the Hawk-eye confirms it but strange the 3rd Blind Umpire has recommended it OUT :smashfreakB: