Samaa News Special Transmission Azadi & Inqilab March 08pm to 09pm - 19th September 2014


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Question was put by Nadeem Malik that why is it that when PPP Gov comes cases against them are closed and when PML-N comes cases against them are closed in their favor???
Hudaybia Mills case was closed since no substantial evidence was presented to the courts.
Courts do not investigate directly rather they ask investigation agencies like NAB to investigate and since NAB Chairman was removed and now there is a temporary head of NAB, there was no investigation carried out rather old evidences where presented as if they were product of previous Gov attempt to malign the accused!!!!

The case was closed due to lack of concrete evidence and not because the Nawaz brothers are innocent!!!

With impartial and professional people absent at the top these scoundrels shall go scot free....

This money was taken from our pockets and transferred through money laundering overseas!!!
It is the loss of all Pakistanis...
To express sorrow on this decision is not contempt of courts but a natural reaction of loss by a patriot!!!

I salute Nadeem Malick on his patriotic and just stand!!!

May Allah SWA punish those who steal from the mouths of the poor .....AMEEN


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People will stand up and demand their rights once they know that Gullus will are accountable as well....