Salman Rushdie attack was unjustifiable, says Pakistan’s Imran Khan


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The correct link:

I am very proud of Imran Khan for this statement. Basically, we have to ask ourselves the question; is my faith so weak that I feel threatened by someone's derogatory statement about my religion or faith. Absolutely not! Plus, god has NOT given me the right to take a/the life that he/she created. It is only god who decides whose life should be taken period!


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I agree no one should take justice into its own hand, but I am quite on this because that guy has done blasphemy openly and officially and looks like he is proud of it,
but this will also encourage some people to kill some innocent in the name of blasphemy like what happened to a Sri Lankan guy so this is very complex to discuss, but I too don't want to see this guy alive

At least Imran Khan should not say that it is terrible and sad, it should say, no one should take justice into his own hand

obviously if you insult my mom and dad I will so what ever I can to hurt you agree or not
its a fk nws bro...


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Can anyone tell me where is it written that one can take life other than in WAR when they are fighting agaisnt you. Or Attack you and your life is in danger?

Without procecusion?

These FAKE MULLAAHs dont even know the religion. Otherwise they would not feed on corruption money.


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The journalists specially ask controversial questions but imagine how the world have responded if he has said it was right decision on the part of the attacker.

Despite how the world responds, I believe he is right such matters cannot be handed over to the individuals and create bestial attitude in them against a civilized way of putting the bitterest enemy to trial and award the punishment.
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