Sachi Baat 25th July 2015 - Shahzain Bugti Exclusive Interview.


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Thanks shahzain for your nice interview .i heard the grievances and poverty in baluchistan but would say that the baluch govt and their parliamentarians , sardars and others get the budget and also development funds but dont spend a penny on projects , they put all the money in their pockets . CM Raisani and his members in balochistan assembly what they did,they made money and shifted to islamabad and living a lavish life whereas the common baloch people still suffering like before, these are the soreheads in baloch society and no one try to sooth the poors. Raisani and his team members should be rebuked and brought to justice .these lumpish should not get off the hook and be punished .dignity of baloch people should be restored , given jobs with respect . I fully support your concerns but who is gonna be the real friend of baluch people ? This is a hard question to ask ? Whoever came before just did the corruption , made their own life easy and left the common people in the wilderness. When the rulers of balochistan are the lunatics and sardars the same then its very difficult for the fed govt to fill the gap when baloch people want their own sovereign powers but have problems to do the job where people feel satisfied and happy .are you ready with your heart to help the fed govt ? Fed govt and army are trying their to listen and fulfill the concerns of baluch.balochistan does need the honest people to make balochistan luminous with their dedication , hard work and honesty .
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