Rule of 'Gun' succeeds rule of 'Law'!

Muhammad Tauseef A. Bajwa

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Meeting challenges in Life needs holistic strategy. Unemployment is one of the Pakistans biggest challenges: It has the potential to depress per capita standards of GDP, jeopardize standards of living, and breed economic inequality. Underemployment (overstaffing or mismatching of skills) is also an issue, the result of governments being the primary employer of citizens who often do not have the qualifications to be competitive in the government sector; for this reason so many diligent are desperately needed to make up the 'real' workforce. When ever PPP government assumes the office WAPDA, SUI_GAS, PIA, Pakistan Steels and other sectors under direct government control are always sucking major resources and subsequently, incumbent government had to apply IMF, World Bank and other financial supporters harsh conditions that can eventually put an end to its much publicized Democratic rule either sooner or later. Those who become beneficiary once, always stand for PPP no matter when democratic process starts again!

Its not PPP alone, other political parties MQM, ANP, JUI(F), Muslim League (N or Q), MMA or the like BNP and Functional League are all sailing in the same Boat either being a part in coalition governments in Center OR Provinces. In addition, to strengthen the rule maximum number of those elected to Parliament or the Upper House i.e. Senate are inducted as Ministers or an equivalent with hefty salary and other perks & privileges in the Cabinets. It is simply to avoid any possible threat in the event a No Confidence Move is initiated OR a Vote of Confidence becomes the need of an hour. No matter, how many Millions, better say Billion of Rupees are going down the drain after borrowing money from financial institutions like IMF, Word Bank, Islamic Development Bank etc. Blame game is played to confuse the illiterate masses otherwise all hands are in same glove!

Freedom means you are unobstructed in living your life. Life is a voyage thats homeward bound. Worry is the absolute proof of a lack of faith. Refuse to worry! Focus 5% on your prayers, 95% on your faith in Allah (SWT) yourself and your fellow men. The rewards of sincere resolve are much higher than; Money can ever buy. Impatience is a deadly Poison to most blossoming things. Impatience is your brain saying I cant be happy til Patience is enjoying the process as much as results. Problem that can be solved is not a problem but Opportunity! The problem you cant solve is an even greater opportunity. We all need TIME to think and act prudently to resolve major problems, confronted with. Distance lends enchantment to reach destination. Each individual is a soul blossoming Out to Nature we should therefore ensure its existence. If you love something set it free and if it comes back it's yours otherwise doesnt. An Eye for Eye ends up making the whole WORLD blind.

Its because of this on going exceeding practice that the idea of free and fair elections baring Feudal, Industrialists, and Drug traffickers is floated TIME and time again (under Zia-ul-Haqs) much debated Proportional Representation System to ensure that each and every single vote being cast in general elections is accounted for, in formation of successive government as per true aspiration of people of Pakistan under an independent and impartial Election Commission like neighboring India.