Role of PaK Army in Raymond Davis

Jack Sparrow

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Dear Country Fellows

Why we always blame weak politicians.Do you think Raymond Davis flew out of country without consent of Army(Kiyani).


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pakistani army chif murdabad.ALLHA gharet kere as kiyni ko,pakistani army murdabad

Jack Sparrow

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Plz every one should be clear , Pakistan belongs to the people of Pakistan.We will protect it till our last blood.But we will not tolerate traitor politicians ,judges and generals.

Muhammad Tauseef A. Bajwa

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Dear Country Fellows

Why we always blame weak politicians.Do you think Raymond Davis flew out of country without consent of Army(Kiyani).
What else was expected from a person who's picture is displayed in the Hall-of-Fame (Pentagon)?


زرداری کی امریکا کو تمبیہ
اگلی دفع کسی پاکستانی کو مرنے سے پہلے مج سے پوچ لینا ہم نہ فوج امریکا کا کتے نہلانے کا لیا نہیں رکھی

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koi haal nahi,jab maqtool ki family k 18 afrad court mein aa kar keh dein k hum ne 20 karoor k badlay moaaf kiya,tu court wahan kiya kar sakti hay,sharam tu awaam ko aani chahiay,jis ne paisay k badlay khoon moaaf kiya,waisay aik baat sahi ki hay,usi uSA ko islam ki ye baat tu mani pari hay k islam aik roshan deen hai,har cheez ka salution is mein hay,Subhan ALLAH,islami lihaz se jab rishta dar khoon moaaf kar dein tu mujram ko azaad kar diya jata hai,is mein miltary kaisya Qasoorwar hoi?


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jo is mulk ka nhi usko is mulk me rehney ka koi haq nhi uthoo in d.all.oon ore k.anjaroo ko utha kr bahir phaink doooo.

abb sarey beghartoo k chehrey saamney aa gaee hain..............

vo d.a.lley jo aafia aafia kehtey nhi thaktey they aaaj qaum ki gherat ka sauda laga diya.................

sab da.lley sirf siasat k liaey petriotism dikha rahey they aafia k naam pe .................

zardarii ka to part time daamaad tha raimond devis................

andhair nagri ki hadd he k vo jo shaks gaari se kuchal k marr gaya tha uska kisi ne kuch poocha tk nhi................

media b bika hoa he......................hamid saeed kazmi ko uchaal rahey theyy kahan tha ye media jb ye deal ho rahee thee...........???????????

kaha tha ye media jb ye families adalat me paish hoeee???????????????


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Dear Country Fellows

Why we always blame weak politicians.Do you think Raymond Davis flew out of country without consent of Army(Kiyani).

general shuja pasha of ISI was given extension yesterday ,just like general kayani was given extension last year till 2013
this reymonds release is a gift to zionists from grateful army generals for giving them chance to "serve" pakistan till their last breath


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pakistani ISI chief shuja pasha was given extension after retirement yesterday .just like pakistani army chief general kyani was given extension last year,,,both were given extensions by hillary clinton and her zionist chiefs as they are actively taking part in americas war against islam.
todays release of reymond davis was no surprise.
the victims families were killed,threatened and were kept under confinement so they could not appear in court against reymond davis.
pakistan is under zionist control fully.
tragically majority of pakistanis worship their army more than they worship allah....thats why they never hear anything against army ,and fact is that this army is americans pet army killing thousands of muslims in tribal area and other places
if pakistani nation had sought help from taliban mujahideen against reymond than they had not disappointed them,but these people are now waiting a big azaab from allah so i guess they wont get guidance will see that nawaz shareef will again get votes in next elections like he won majority after handing over pakistani soils great son aimal kaansi to americans in late 90s.

anyway allah knows best

some "gandhi" muslims take the above facts in support for their argument that creation of pakistan was wrong.
its total munafiqeens belief.
creation of pakistan was biggest blessing muslims had for thousands of years,
creation of pakistan gave us a pocket where some muslims (no matter how few) organised a world wide base of islam and jihad in this area,,,even for this the creation of pakistan is justified....also any problems pakistani muslims have is due to their forefathers living with hindus so long,,,which caused them to be grave worshipping people,and authority worshipping people like they are now, anyone who labels pakistans creation wrong is a hindu lover...beware!

Zaidi Qasim

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This is a mercenary army. lives and breaths on American dollars. Its cheif is a chraracterless person only lives to please his foreign masters. Pakistan has become a baggars country with these midgets who are filling their foreign bank accounts. I lost words to describe this country and its leadership.
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kiyani service has been extended by zardri and jalani the primeminister and pesident. so he is working with them .that answer,s your ?


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Army is at the forefront of this including the ISI. Blood suckers have always done the same thing to there own pakistanis.