Reviving the Memory of an Iconic Virtuoso: Mohd Rafi Sahab (31 July 2011)

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Muhammad Rafi sahab the undisputed king of playback singing of Indian subcontinent today has his 31[SUP]st[/SUP] death anniversary and like every 31[SUP]st[/SUP] July in previous years I would like to dedicate this day to this immortal icon and to share some of his florid gem of songs here on this special tributary thread. May Allah SWT bless your humble soul Rafi Sahab, your magical voice still continues to haunt the hearts and minds of millions of your fans around the world and this beautiful feeling will surely lasts till the end of this cycle of life and death on this transient world.

Let us revive the loving and engrossing memory of this iconic playback singer on the occasion of his 31’s death anniversary, which will surely be able to vibrate the aesthetic strings of our consciousness through some amazing gems of his legendary singing career.

Dil Ka Soona Saaz

Meri Hasraton Ki Duniya

Jhoomta Saawan Dekho Aaya

Mausam Suhane Aagaye

Tumse Nahin Pehchan Meri

Teray Jaisa Kaun Hai

Khush Raho Ahl e Chaman

Kisne Mujhe Sadaa Di

Likh Kar Tera Naam Zameen Par

Aisa Na Hoke In Waadion Mein

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Looks like you are a die hard fan. Nice collection. He was just a little before my time, some of his songs still give goose bumps.
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