Reham Khan's book published online

Imran the legend

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Corrupt mafia plmn sharif family still doing dirty politics. Maryam and Rehana Khan had meeting then arranged interview with geo tv anchor muneeb to launch propoganda book against Imran Khan.

Still the same lying and propaganda. Rehana khan so disgrace women has no shame that she was ex wife of Imran Khan she is so greedy and dirty women has no hesitation in lying and making false claims.

Geo tv owner and plmn sharif family are friends so they allways dirty campaign against Imran Khan.

Few days ago geo tv anchors Hamid Mir and saleem safi were doing programs against pti and Imran khan the media mafia is still in action.
All the corrupt gang sharif family, zardari family, geo tv, Malik Riaz family all join hands against Imran khan but enough is enough they’re rulers about end.

Corruot media and political mafia looting the county is about to end soon.