RAW was behind Youhanabad tragedy: Home Minister Punjab

Rameez Chaudhry

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LAHORE: Home Minister Punjab Col (r) Shuja Khanzada claimed arrests of terrorists linked to Tehreek Talibans shaheryar Group. He also said that RAW was involved in the planning of Youhanabad incident while addressing a press conference here.
He further said that National Action Plan is successfully being implemented in Punjab and there is the fullest support of Pak Army for eradication of terrorists.
He informed that 10 terrorists involved in Youhanabad incident have been nabbed and the mastermind of the incident was Sanaullah who came to Tableeghi Markaz Raiwid from North Waziristan and so did Qari Ilyas and taj Ali.
Youhanabad incident was aimed at fueling Muslim-Christian riots the plan of which was made in India.



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And Nawaz Sharif+Mariam Safdar instead of raising this issue with Modi sent Mangoes and Sarhis to please him.


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پاکستانی مرتے رہیں نواز کچھ نہیں کرے گا وہ تو ہندوں کا کانا ہے
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