Rauf Klasra Reveals Money Laundering Scam of Asif Ali Zardari and Bahria Town


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Yeh baat guzishta kai saal se Kah raha hon kah Murdari aur Nawaz andar se aik hein aur yeh land mafia run kar rahay hein
Malik Riaz ki apni kuch bhi hasiat nahi ---- Yeh sirf frontman hai


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This is PEANUTS compared to the Billions in Dollars that have been deposited by Overseas Pakistanis in Countries such as UAE !!!!!!
Has Bahria Town remitted even one dollar back to Pakistan ??????????????
Where is this money that Overseas Pakistanis deposited in dollars abroad to purchase Plots in Overseas Blocks in Bahria City Karachi!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Klasra is doing drama to distance himself from Malik Riaz he would've got some permission from Riaz to expose him a bit.


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Malik Riaz aka Seth Abid of 21st century who has four star Generals on his payroll !

x DG ISI Lt General Pasha is currently Malik Riaz's Head of Operations in UAE !!
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