Rauf Klasra: Nawaz Sharif obliging Nationalists, allies to use against Army & illegal Police force a


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SC has no balls as it is put on defensive after Javed Hashmi alleged that CJ hamara hay. He is ONE castrated man and can't take suo moto no matter what happens. Constitution is being raped and fundamental rights are being fu**ed but they are acting like judicial whores and are silent.


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Definitely as per Javed Hashmi, U Turn Khan tried to malign Army on advises from Sheda Tali/Jehangir Tareen. "WOH" used for Army in broader canvas and well dealt by the ISPR.

However, in narrow canvas things are different. Ayesha Gulali was listen mentioning in his circle who is "WOH". U Turn Khan also referred many a times about a MI Brigadier who is ready to give affidavit for Election rigging but never disclosed his name. Both Ayesha Gulali and U Turn Khan Brigadier seems linked with each other. Ayesha Gulali told he is Agency Head of ICT Territory (Political Wing) with name Brigadier Zahid (Retired). He was retained by Pasha after his retirement on contract and new spy chief kept his services.

He is in contact with Jehangir Tareen, mostly meet in his house in Islamabad or some posh hotel in Islamabad. Exact nature of planning could not be established but contacts are definitely confirmed. More details of this retired agency senior officer are not known. He was one, who forced Tariq Malik to make a fabricated story and meet U Turn Khan in Bani Gala Farm House. U Turn Khan for deception, gave his origin in MI, which is incorrect. Mubahsir Shero (ARY) and Nadeem Malik (SAMA) are also used by him for convoying messages or change in script.

Sheda Tali mostly depend on information fed by Brigadier (Retired) Ijaz Shah, ex IB Chief. Ijaz Hussian is used as messenger for Gullu Qadri.

Media game is purchased after SS Funds are closed by NS in all ministries. So with the courtesy of Goldsmith/Danial S Mecay Rs 200-300 Million are thrown to purchase channels (ARY, SAMA, DUNYA) and number of anchor/annalist.

Dharna/Musical Gala nights will be over as soon, visit of Chinese President is cancelled. It is a Western agenda linked with domestic agenda. Government must make an effort to bring Chinese President to some other city at the earliest.