Rana Sana Ullah's Reaction on Imran Khan's Victory speech


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ULLO KA PATHA.................................Now he knows they cannot prove any rigging so they are preparing to once again fight for unseen, but fabricated by them which they will never be able to present any proof, but keep saying MUJHAY KIUN HARAYA


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Lies lies and more lies, that is what killed them they still continue to lie, very sick and it is like a non Muslim act which gives rise to all corruption, so say Islam. wonder if he believes in Islam.

umer amin

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i am from faisalabad. last elections pmln got all 10 seats. this time you see change but still there are many patwaris....parhay likhay jahil. including some of my friends.


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Elections were conducted by ECP hence if any one has any complaints he should send them to ECP for a proper investigation.PTI can not b e blamed for any mismanagement of elections.This elections was fair and free.