Radicalization of Pak Army: Contradictions, Consequences and Solution


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radicalization of pak army: Contradictions, consequences and solution

is majority of pakistan extremist?

this is the best example of 25 million dollor of us money she has invested in the pak media
bharay kay 2 tatto
dollor halal kernay ke koshish ker rahay hain


The gentle man is right on. The establishment from the very beginning wanted an enemy. They needed to create hate against India and anything associated with India. Oil rich Wahabis were glad to offer their ideology, money, manpower and training to help accomplish this goal and they did. They don't work so they have lots of free time on hand.

If Siasat.Pk was in business 60 years ago you wouldn't have found even one Wahabi on the site now its packed with them.

The only thing this gentle man has stated incorrectly is that Mr. Jimmy Carter offered 400 million for humanitarian aid to deal with the refugees not 200 million as he stated. Every thing ells he says is correct. I did not tell him that I don't even know him plus he is lot senior than me.
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