Question that remains to be answered?

Muhammad Tauseef A. Bajwa

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Companions of our Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) will always remain frontline Muslims as they practiced Islam without questioning about Allegorical things kept hidden in Quran and being avoided by HIS true Messenger, Muhammad (pbuh) as well. There were no differences in their Faith and Practices like we are having or those groomed in our Minds by our elders or their forefathers. Category as an Authoritative on religious matters or the term Religious Scholar were NOT invented in earlier days of Islamic History. In addition, First and the Last instruction given to his ardent followers by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) himself is: Do not attribute lies to me, for anyone who attributes lies to me will be doomed to Hell-Fire!.Classification of this Hadith: Mutawatir and Marfu. Al-Bukhari; Muslim; Al-Tirmizi; Ibn Majah and Ahmed B. Hanbal all reported it similarly in their Books on Research on Hadiths for the followers and Muslims to come, like us. Most of those among us are not precisely aware that Official Religion in Saudi-Arabis is that, as per guidance of Ahmed B. Hanbal and not as per common misperception that they are among Ehl-e-Hadith.

On the basis of Holy Quran 031:034: Verily the Knowledge of the Hour is with Allah (alone). It is He who sends down rain, and He who knows what is in the wombs; Nor does any one know what is that he will earn on the morrow: Nor does anyone know in what land he is to die. Verily with Allah is full knowledge and He is acquainted (with all things). Allahs Messenger Muhammad (pbuh) recited (the verse) as stated above was narrated by Abu Hurairah (RAA) in Hadith #2; Muslim-Bukhari. Commonly referred to as Gabriel-Hadith). Category of this Hadith is also: Mutawatir and Marfu.

Those who raise an eyebrow without realizing the consequences of such act must seek forgiveness and repentance from Allah (SWT) as all guidance is attributed towards Him, alone!

We, the Muslims in Pakistan are far ahead of other fellow Muslims in taking out processions and burning that all which comes across our way when something told or is brought in our knowledge like Caricatures issue without seeking information as to WHO has prompted this subject to surface again after a certain span of TIME.

In addition, contrarily to Islamic teachings and guideline Principles being provided in Islam we Pakistanis are under duress that such questionings are among the sins in itself. Resultantly, we go berserks in giving a torch to our own self and property. Such belief and practices has become part of OUR tormenting behavior that every misadventure is consequently on our own part. Those who noticed and had observed this long inherited collective weakness among us often use this practice to divert our resentments or attentions from them or their corrupt behavior, within the blink of an eye!

Its therefore, most appropriate norm of diverting attention. Possibility of much speculated Foreign Hand behind the move is to save the puppet regimes, guarding their vested interests in this region! Question; When well start learning lessons from our mistakes! Remains to be answered?
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