Qamar Zaman Kitni Bhi Koshish Karein Unko Bchanay Ki Kahi Na Kahi Mian Sahab Phans Jaingay- Arif Niz

Agar PMLN Apni Siasi Baqa Chahti Hai To Unhay Shahbaz Sharif Ko Qabool Karna Parega- Arif Nizami

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Shahbaz Sharif Apnay Manadate Par Election Lar Kar Prime Minister Ban'na Chahtay Hain- Arif Nizami

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اس حرام خور لعنتی چور مین نیب جیسے بھڑوے اور کرپٹ کو کوئی پٹا ڈالنے والا نہیں جو اس حرام خور کو بتا سکے کے اس .... کے بچے کو اسکی ڈیوٹی کرنے کِی تنخواہ دی جاتی ہے بھڑوا گیری کی نہیں
Re: Agar PMLN Apni Siasi Baqa Chahti Hai To Unhay Shahbaz Sharif Ko Qabool Karna Parega- Arif Nizami

we know tht he is showbaz but it is his right to be PM (ofcoure after contesting elections) and not Maryum's
I am with SS in this....
Re: Shahbaz Sharif Kisi Sorat Establishment Say Kisi Qisam Ki Takkar Lenay Ko Tayyar Nahi Hain- Arif Nizami

and there is no need... it is only in the ghamar khoopri of big brother to be all in all...


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supreme court ney kasa crap fasla dey hai ky mujrim aaj bhee ministers hain , or Pakistan ko osi tazi ky sath loota ja raha hai , insaf ky liye nap ky badonwan chairman ko task dena hi bara mazaq hai !

The Flash

Is Waqt Establishment Ka View Yehi Hai Kay Mojuda Nizam Chalta Rahay -Arif Nizami

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these Nawaz Shreef and co. are the same as MQM under altaf, they both were "planted" by military establishment what they have to offer to the establishment in return, money,killing the anti establishment powers like PPP JI, plus a share in playing GOD against the powerless people of karachi, same is the case here in punjab, its even on a larger scale, lion's share in dirty money,and full control on all the major policies, THE PARTY THAT IS GETTING THE MOST OF THIS SITUATION IS OUR MILITARY ESTABLISHMENT, and is not loosing its face, look at it general ,Kiani, Raheel Shreef, general pasa, they all were there to get the best deal, and in return , help them out of the critical situation, and now the low process against the Sharifs and their cronies is with purpose, they are been squeezed , as they are very juicy, and can lay the golden eggs, at the end of the day the same people will be in power as the are the choice for the , POWERFULL establishment of Pakistan