Punjab presents Rs 782 bn budget for 2012-13


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Punjab presents Rs 782 bn budget for 2012-13

Last Updated On 09 June,2012 About 16 hours ago

Salaries of government employees raised by 20%, Punjab Finance Minister said.

The Government of Punjab on Saturday unveiled budget for the fiscal year 2012-13 with an outlay of Rs 782 billion.

The budget was presented in the provincial assembly by Mujtaba Shuja-ur-Rehman, who possess additional portfolio of finance minister.

In his budget speech‚ Mian Mujtaba Shuja ur Rehman said that the total outlay of the budget is Rs 782.859 billion.

Out of this amount‚ Rs 532.8 billion have been allocated for the Non-Development Budget.

The Finance Minister said record Rs 250 rupees have been allocated for the Annual Development Porgramme (ADP).

He said that a total seven hundred eighty billion and six hundred million have been earmarked as the annual revenue receipts.

Punjab Finance Minister announced a 20 per cent increase in salaries of government employees, adding that a five per cent further cut has been proposed in the salaries of Punjab Cabinet members while the volume of petrol being provided to them has been reduced to half.

He said the aim of these measures under the Punjab Government`s austerity policy to provide more resources for public welfare projects.

Education and health sectors will get Rs 30 billion and Rs 18 billion respectively. Four new medical colleges will be established at Sahiwal‚ Sialkot‚ Gujranwala and DG Khan at a cost of Rs 3.27 billion.

Rs 320 million have also been allocated for the welfare of the minorities.

Shuja said the Punjab Government has allocated Rs 10 billion to overcome the energy crisis. He said that the private sector will be encouraged to initiate new power projects.

He further announced that power generating projects will be setup on the canal system of the province‚ with the financial assistance of Asian Development Bank.

"An agreement has been signed with a Chinese Company‚ to setup a 100MW power plant at the Kot Addu Project." he said.

The finance minister, accusing the federal government of inefficiency, claimed that the provincial government met with a lot of hurdles in the energy sector and many projects were disrupted because of the federal government.
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Flop budget of Takht-e-Lahore. Just peanuts for Saraiki waseb, all Saraikis vehemently denounce it and strongly condemn this legacy of Ranjit Singh!!


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18 billion for health... bull **** chawal khaadim e aala
khud haram khor bahar se jo ilaaj kraty hain

Shaukat khanums budget is 2billion Rs. 9 shakut Khanums = entire punjab health budget....

Just 3.8% for the education sector... They call it education emergency.. whereas many African countries allocate more to education than this.

This is why they werent resigning from the assemblies, they used Noora kushti to allow PPP to pass their budget, so that they could pass punjab budget because they need these govt resources to spend on the election campaign.


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poor country and poor ppl they deserve this treatment.....
if the ppl again bring such ppl to assemblies then we will lose hope and iss sb ka zimmy daar awam hogi and then we will not have anything to offer to this poor nation and we'll also care just for ourselves and whole nation will suffer for what they r doing.... jab hsptl me aa k royen gy tou hum innko yehi kahen gy jao jinko vote diya tha unko kaho den facility b..... aesi qoum yahi desrve krti hai iss jahil awam k faisly ki sza hum q bhugty phir ......... enuf is enuf
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