Punjab Govt. issue official order to subscribe Shahbaz Sharif Facebook and unsubscribe PTI

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Subscribe me and unsubscribe PTI, Shahbaz orders bureaucrats
By Ahmed Rayyan - Jun 10th, 2012 (No Comment)


Lahore: Chief Minister of Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif reportedly made it mandatory to all civil servants of the provincial government to get connected with him on social networking micro-blogging sites immediately.A notification in this connection has been issued to all ministries and departments of Punjab government recently with an advice to all bureaucrats of different grades to like official page of CM Page and follow him on Twitter.Sharif has official launched its official Facebook page and Twitter account in November 2011 aimed at creating his influence on the social media while connecting with his supporters and fans interactively.Sharif is quite active on social networking that shows that nearly 126,606 people likes his page on Facbook and 26,925 people talk about it. He shares photos of Punjab Assembly proceedings, his official visits on different places highlighting his activities in the province.On the micro-blogging site, he tweeted 1,494 times in past seven months and there are 35,959 followers of him on Twitter.Unsubscribe PTIIt is surprising that CM asked all government servants to unsubscribe on Facebook and Twitter immediately as a compulsory instruction to follow.The CMs order is clearly violation of freedom of choice as far as human rights are concerned. It is because a civil servant is not bound to subscribe any particular person or forcefully asked to unsubscribe any specific party or person.Although Sharif could have asked all government officials to follow him on social media for directions and actions, and it will be one of the best examples he could have set for e-governance practices at top level but his order seems CM fears of the influence of a specific political party, PTI, so he imposed his dictators approach on them.PTI has been strong presence on social media particularly on Facebook and Twitter that helps it targeting youth and educated people to approach without spending huge money. And it has been proven that it championed in its strategy for convincing a large number of people to make them supporters through social media.


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Kaisi jahalat hai, kiss qisam k log hum per hakumat kertay hain. Kiya sara Punjab bhi Shahbaz Sharif k page ko like ker de, tao vote tao wo apni marzi se he dey ga. yeh kaam kernay se kia faida???


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PM rightly said as the PML-N is afraid of PTI and keeps taking shitty steps over and over and that eventually disgraces themselves. Now, this is a complete crappy thing. Punjab Govt. has lost its senses.


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Legit. Legit and Legit.
Its not Photoshopped, and no one will go through the troubles of making fakes such as this, when there are other fake things much easier to make than this, its legit. Shahbaz's B plan is to disown it if it comes up on media.

Also if you look at the growth trends of Shahbaz's facebook page, it has 15000 likes each week, where as IK never had more than 5000 likes in a week, hes been getting about 1000-3000 likes a week since 2 years.


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imran khan ko kayya maut peri hoee hae?????????? family gate per chup keyoon hae???? ab uss kay jalsoon k liay paisay kon day ga ???[hilar][hilar][hilar]


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Nawaz shareef ki instruction to govt. Employees



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Re: Nawaz shareef ki instruction to govt. Employees



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Re: Nawaz shareef ki instruction to govt. Employees

hahahahahaha solid yar solid.... chalo koi nai atleast people will not fight on streets.