Punjab Govt is Trolling =D

سہیل خانزادہ

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tax do, ziada se ziada tax do, kionkeh abhi to in ghareebo ne or companies banai hain, ager awaam tax nahi dey gi to wo companies kaisey banein gi


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haan bhai...abhi to siraf Nawaz side kay Sharif set huway hain....abhi Shahbaz side kay Sharifon ko bhi set karao.


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Pay your taxes so King Patwari & family keep building their empire through offshore companies

I wonder why should one pay tax after #PanamaLeaks, if Kadu a.k.a Hussain Nawaz said "Muj ko kitnae nafloon ka sawab ha pakistan main tax dene per". However patwari & nooray supposed to pay little extra beside their actual tax for their love for king Nawaz Shareef .



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Re: Pay your taxes so King Patwari & family keep building their empire through offshore companies

So sad may allahtallah help us. Saaraa budget pehlae zardari ppp then now these patwaris and common citizens suffer. One example karachi has over the years became so stinky n dirty no budget for nothing.

I heared news about 36 tehseels of punjab did not recieve their share from provincial governent. Pak army after 1971 now fully utilizing all branches against so called terrorism it requires tons of money but Half given which is not enough.

In north and in south balochistan gawador and that annoying insurgency. Ishaq daar with pm consent have borrowed tons of money from imf n world bank plus stole all available charity from usa gulf nations and UN. Plus no accountability of citizens taxes and agriculture earnings and karachi port authority.

Then we keep selecting these ppps and pmlns who are muslims but really no sympathy for us or our beloved nation hudd hogayee yaar. If army takes severe action its bad for democracy. What kind of democracy is this for 8 years.
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