Punjab Assembly adopts resolution against Indian aggression


Chief Minister (5k+ posts)



Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
Why is Pakistan taking these steps ?? ...Where are the "Aman ki Asha" touts ?? ..Where are the Indian "Wannabees" ??:lol::lol:

What ??? ....Why isn't anyone serving "Aloo Ghosht " ??[hilar][hilar][hilar]

Or is it being changed to "Palak Paneer" ??

Man the liberals and Indian lovers are fuming. So much hatred against India after they spent their entire lives immitating indians NOW you are passing resolutions after their masters ??

Shame on you all !

According to them we all should love India even after they kill our soldiers, dry our rivers, flood our barrages and CUT our Country into Half ! (bigsmile)
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ویسے جو ان ریزولوشنز کی حیثیت ہے ان کو تو کوئی ردی اکٹھی کرنے والا بھی نہ لے
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