PTI's Official stance on Gohar Shahi Cult Support


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A Press Release by Dr. Shireen Mazari which clarifies PTI has nothing to do with Younas Al Gouhar & his supporters.



bhai bol do na k that we are a secular party and we don't give one thing abt whats his personal faith?

PTI at one time feels very liberal, another time feels totally taliban


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Or itne chawal hain ye inqalabi, itne clue less hain, in ko patta bhi nahi or khan nae in ko kazibon kae sath khara kar diya.



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Good; PTi clarified that

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Anwar Lodhi@AnwarLodhi
ان لوگوں کوقرار واقعی سزا دی جائےجنہوں نے ایکسٹرا بیلٹ پیپرزچھپوا کر انتخابات کےنام پر بدترین فراڈ کیا۔ ثبوت حاضر ہے۔



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Who is Gohar Shahi

Who is Gohar Shahi

Recently I saw some stuff on twitter that Mehdi Foundation is supporting PTI. I have to admit my ignorance that I had no clue about what is that Mehdi Foundation. I googled this and found out that that this is another religious fitna. The founder of this fitna is Gohar Shahi.

First video is of that person Gohar Shahi to show how big fitna is that Gohar Shahi.

Second video is of the guy now in charge of Mehdi Foundation showing big support for Imran Khan and PTI.

I request all Pakistani to question

* What is the agenda of Imran Khan and Qadri and why such type of organizations are supporting Imran Khan and PTI.

* Why Haroon Rasheed in today's column said that this is biggest conspiracy against Pakistan since 1971

(18+ for the language used)
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